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How long does a gas boiler repair take?

Depending on the condition of the gas device, between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours.
Maintenance of instantaneous water heaters and gas convectors up to half an hour.

What does a gas boiler repair cost?

For professional service and checking of combi-heaters or
You have to reckon with around 96 to 150 € in Vienna for instant water heaters.
For condensing boilers a little more about 150-200 €.
BE CAREFUL with too low offers!
A proper gas appliance service is unrealistic for 49 €, according to the VKI. -

How often is a gas boiler repair necessary?

Once a year. However, no later than every two years. It depends on the device.
Attention: The gas boiler repair is compulsory in Vienna / Austria.
Anyone who violates this check can expect a fine of up to 7,300 euros.
This is also due if the damage that is recognized is not repaired.

What does a gas boiler repair include?

Maintenance means that your gas appliance is cleaned and checked to ensure that it is working properly.
It serves to extend the service life of the device.
As a rule, installers consider the maintenance interval once a year to be understandable.
The tenant is responsible for the maintenance and also bears the costs for it.

What is gas boiler repair?

Function check: All functions of the thermal bath are checked.
During maintenance, the thermal bath is dry-cleaned. If the gas appliance is very dirty (e.g. if it is hanging in the kitchen), wet cleaning must be carried out. The heavily soiled parts are removed and cleaned under water in the bathtub or shower.
Water pressure check.
Exchange of wearing parts: e.g. various seals.
Checking and optimizing the settings of your gas appliance.
Exhaust gas measurement: Must be carried out every 4 years by law. Via the chimney sweeper or your fitter.

thermenservice vaillant

What happens if you do not have a gas boiler repaired?
The question often arises whether the annual gas boiler repair is necessary and why?
The timely detection of technical problems as part of the can, for example, prevent you from having to freeze in a cold apartment in winter because the boiler fails due to a defect. Even if your gas device works perfectly at the time of the annual service / maintenance, the annual is still mandatory.

The tenant has to comply with this obligation towards the landlord. A gas appliance that is not serviced annually is at risk of water damage, exhaust gas poisoning or the risk of explosion.
These risks are greatly reduced by the annual maintenance / service.

Why is the annual gas boiler repair important?

Since the gas appliance is designed for daily use, especially during the heating season, it is also subjected to maximum loads. In order to reduce the risk of a breakdown, the is necessary at least once a year.

Your gas appliance is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If a gas appliance is not properly maintained, the manufacturer's guarantee will be lost and the property management will not assume any costs for any repairs. Maintenance, assembly and all necessary repairs should also only be carried out by specialists.

What is covered by the maintenance of the gas boiler service?

If damage to the gas boiler repair has become evident that goes beyond wear and tear and requires major repairs, measures must be taken to maintain the boiler.

Who pays for the gas boiler repair, tenant or landlord?

The cost of the gas boiler repair is borne by the tenant.
The landlord bears the costs for maintenance.

Is the tenant obligated to maintain it?

Yes. If a gas appliance is present in the property at the time the contract is signed. By signing the rental agreement, the tenant also enters into the legally prescribed maintenance obligation. By signing the rental contract, the tenant assumes the statutory maintenance obligation.

Low-cost provider? Or a serious provider?

Please do not experiment with setting up and cleaning gas appliances yourself. Leave this work to the professionals.

Price Comparison

Thermex Installationen GmbH

ab €120,00 incl. 20% VAT.
Thermenservice 129€ Wien
Only applies to Vienna
Gas boiler repair

(for heating boilers with a chimney connection)
includes the following services:
Control and thorough cleaning ....


R.I. Installationstechnik GmbH

ab €120,00 incl. 20% VAT.

Only applies to Vienna
Gas boiler repair

(for heating boilers with a chimney connection)
includes the following services:
Control and thorough cleaning ....

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